Research Shows that Newspapers Continue to Inform Communities and Drive Sales

By Jane Hungarter, PNA/MANSI Media

Research findings from the recently launched advertising impact service from Coda Ventures, Triad Newspaper Ad Effectiveness Service, are consistent with similar research from the Newspaper Association of America, and the National Newspaper Association – all of which demonstrate that newspapers work.  Newspapers actively engage audiences who take action as a result of seeing newspaper advertising.

Top Engagement Attributes of Newspapers:

  • 86% of readers say newspapers are a great place to get useful information1
  • Local newspapers continue to be the primary source of information about communities in small towns and cities3
  • 78% of readers feel like they are a part of a community of readers1
  • Consumers look forward to reading community newspapers, and rely on them for local news and information3
  • Community newspapers are informative, entertaining, and provide quality news coverage and fair news reporting3
  • 74% of readers usually notice the ads appearing in newspapers1
  • Newspapers are the medium in which advertising makes consumers more likely to purchase, and the most effective place to learn about sales and store information2
  • Newspapers are the leading medium consumers use for coupons. Seven in 10 (69%) cite the Sunday or weekday editions as coupon sources.2
  • Newspapers rank first as the most trustworthy medium, as well as the medium that operates in an ethical manner and has the public’s best interest in mind2

NAA’s most recent How America Shops and Spends study reveals that eight in 10 (79%) of adults have taken action as a result of reading or seeing an ad in a print newspaper in the past 30 days, and half (51%) made a purchase.

Newspapers Cause Readers to Act:  The Top 10 Consumer Actions Taken1

  1. Gather more information about the product or service
  2. Visit the advertiser’s website
  3. Have a more favorable opinion about the advertiser
  4. Save the ad for future reference
  5. Recommend the product or service to someone
  6. Pass along the ad to someone
  7. Ask someone about the product or service
  8. Consider purchasing the product or service
  9. Visit a store, dealer or other location
  10. Search online for the product or service

The research results are a powerful reminder that news media organizations play a vital role in the communities they serve by providing important, useful information that is trusted. In addition to reading the content, including the ads, engaged consumers act on this messaging in numerous valuable ways.

Sources:  Triad Newspaper Ad Effectiveness Service1, Newspaper Association of America2, National Newspaper Association3