MPA Legal Hotline

Gaining access to the hotline

As an MPA member, you and your staff have access to our legal/libel hotline at no cost to you. Staffed by the law firm Butzel Long in Detroit, many MPA members find this service invaluable when dealing with a hot legal issue. Please note that some restrictions may apply depending on your membership category. Contact us at 517.372.2424.


Contact us today to set up your next in house seminar. The MPA Hotline Team will present seminars to newsrooms, advertising staff, circulation staff, marketing or human resource departments on current issues including: FOIA, OMA, Libel, Privacy, Intellectual Property, Social Media, and Advertising. The cost is typically $500 depending on travel and the number of topics covered.

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New tips, answers and alerts now available to our members from the legal front: