Advertising Notices & Updates

New notices and updates on advertising you need to know:


There are new laws regarding advertising that will apply to real estate salespersons and associate brokers beginning on January 1, 2018.

Real estate salespersons and associate brokers will be required to advertise under the supervision of and in the business name of employing brokers. Advertising that includes the name of associate brokers, salespersons, or cooperating groups of associate brokers/salespersons employed by the same broker must include both:

• the telephone number or street address of the employing broker; and

• the business name of the employing broker in a font that is equal or greater in size than the name of the associate broker, salesperson, or cooperating group.

This law applies to advertisements to buy, sell, exchange, rent, lease, or mortgage real property or a business opportunity.

There are two exceptions to this new law.

1.One exception applies to brokers. Licensed real estate brokers and associate real estate brokers may advertise real property that they personally own for sale or lease in their own name. They are not required to include the name of the real estate broker or the name of the real estate broker that employs the associate real estate broker in the advertisement. However, the advertisement must clearly indicate that the person who is selling or leasing the property is a licensed broker.

2.The second exception applies to salespersons who want to either sell or lease their property. First, salespersons who use property as a principal residence may advertise to sell it in their own name. Second, salespersons who own property may advertise to rent or lease it in their own name.