MPA Foundation Leadership

The Foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees consisting of five trustees, all of whom are past presidents of the Michigan Press Association. Trustees hold office for one year and election to the offices of president and secretary-treasurer are made yearly by the Board of Trustees at the annual meeting of the Michigan Press Association in January of each year.

Executive Officers


Ron Dzwonkowski

MPA President 2010

Vice President

Lonnie Peppler-Moyer

MPA President 2008


Wesley Maurer

MPA President 1988

Past President

Richard Perlberg

MPA President 2002

Trustee at Large

Doug Caldwell

MPA President 2016

Board Members

Paul Bedient

MNI President 1998

Jenny Anderson

MPA President 2011

Chris Huckle

MPA President 2013

Bill Speer

MPA President 2015

Jim Young

MPA President 2012

Brad Thompson

MPA President Elect 2017

Dirk Milliman

MPA President 1996

Marcia Loader

MPA President 2006


Jim Sherman Sr.

Trustee Emeritus