Michigan Press Association was established in 1868 and now promotes press freedom through its public policy work, "ease of use" advertising placement, professional development programs and legal hotlines. We’re a source of new ideas for newspapers and their digital & print products. Our 320-plus members reach readers in every corner of the state.

What We Do

From legal and technology advice to legislative oversight, new revenue ideas and cost-effective training, we deliver value... and values. The MPA through our partnership with Customized Newspaper Advertising, also provides one order, one check, one bill advertising placement services for those who wish to reach the 6.9 million Michiganians who read a print or online newspaper each week to connect to their community. More often than not, MPA delivers more ad revenue to members than they pay in dues. Perhaps the most important function is that Michigan Press Association continues to serve as the one place in the state where publishers of all newspapers—large or small—can resolve common problems.

The objectives of the Michigan Press Association are:

  • To promote the general interests of our members;
  • To promote improved editorial and business methods in the publishing of newspapers;
  • To promote the usefulness and influence of all newspapers;
  • To cultivate constructive relationships and a fraternal spirit among the members;
  • To promote and maintain a high standard of ethics in the newspaper profession; and
  • To defend free speech, to promote open and responsive government and to foster an informed citizenry.