Active Membership

Active membership is limited to Michigan newspapers and is defined by the state of Michigan:

  • Newspaper must be published in English.
  • Newspaper must have a list of paying subscribers and have been circulated no less than weekly intervals without interruption for at least one year; or if free circulation, must
  • Newspaper annually average at least 25 percent news and editorial content (any printed matter other than advertising) per issue.

Active Members are approved by the MPA Board of Directors and are entitled to all member services listed on this Web site, one vote at a meeting of the general membership and eligibility to serve on the MPA Board of Directors.

Active Members of Michigan Press Association are also members of MPA’s advertising affiliate, Michigan Newspapers, Inc., and are entitled to consideration for advertising placed through MNI’s various programs. Dues for MPA Active Membership are based on the National SAU inch rate provided to MNI at which MNI is allowed a commission.

Daily and tabloid-sized weekly newspapers pay a full page of advertising annually, broadsheet weekly newspapers pay one-half page of advertising annually.