The 2020 Annual Convention was online from September 16th to October 17th, 2020. The events and speakers all took place over Zoom. Here, you will be able to view all the presentations included in the online convention, including special guests Michigan Governor Whitmer, as well as POLITICO analyst Tim Alberta among other notable entries. Thank you for viewing!

Hiring and Retaining the next generation - Joe Grimm
Content Creation and Management: Navigating Today's Copyright and Social Media Issues - Butzel Long Team
Focus on the Future: A New way to leverage your publication's audience to generate more prospects and close more sales - Bob McGinnis
Leveraging Social Media to promote your work - Brian Manzullo-Detroit Free Press
Driving serious print and digital ad revenue Part 1 - Bob McGinnis
Reporting on Race in 2020 - Kat Stafford, A.P.
Driving serious print and digital ad revenue Part 2 - Bob McGinnis.
Investigative Reporting - Nate Payne
Mitigating Legal Risk to Maximize Your Advertising - Butzel Long Team
Reporting 101 - M.L. Elrick
Best Practices from around the world: who is winning the Revenue War, and Why? - Peter Lamb
Follow the Money - Craig Mauger
The Most Commonly asked questions that I get asked from Sales Managers around the world - Peter Lamb
Hot Topics in Media Law - Butzel Long Team