2016 MPA Better Newspaper Contest

Bigger Contest Spotlights Better Journalism

Members of Hoosier Press Association reviewed 3,384 entries submitted by 107 Michigan newspapers/Individual members this year. The increased competition inspires all journalists to produce better work, which in turn, nurtures stronger communities.

“The Michigan Press Association's annual Better Newspaper Contest allows member journalists, photojournalists, columnists, designers—all of us—to show off our best work. This year was no exception with nearly 3,400 entries submitted. That's a lot of excellent work. As chair of the contest committee, I've watched the competition change considerably over recent years in an effort to keep up with the changes in our industry. More changes are ahead as we try to bring all of our members into the contest. So celebrate your victories, mourn your losses, and please come back later this year to show off your best work once again.” Better Newspaper Contest Chairman David Green.

The 2016 “Newspaper of the Year”

This award is presented to the top newspaper in eight circulation classes based on points accumulated (100 for first, 70 for second and 40 for third) in all Editorial contest categories. Winners of those awards are listed below.

Daily Newspapers of the Year

Circulation Class Total Points Newspaper
Class A 1,440 Flint Journal
Class B 680 The Ann Arbor News
Class C 680 Midland Daily News
Class D 1,290 Greenville Daily News

Weekly/News Media Publication Newspapers of the Year

Circulation Class Total Points Newspaper
Class A 930 Bridge Magazine
Class B 950 Tri-County Times
Class C 650 Gaylord Herald Times
Class D 1,120 State Line Observer
Circulation Class Breakdown: Daily Class A – over 20,000; Daily Class B – 11,001-20,000; Daily Class C – 5,001-11,000; Daily Class D – 5,000 and under; Weekly Class A/Specialty Publications – over 15,000; Weekly Class B/Specialty Publications – 7,001-15,000; Weekly Class C/Specialty Publications – 3,001-7,000; Weekly Class D/Specialty Publications – 3,000 and under.

The 2016 Advertising Contest this year awarded the Excellence in Advertising Award to the overall winner in all the advertising categories. We based on points accumulated (100 for first, 70 for second and 40 for third) in all nine advertising categories. The three finalists are: Greenville Daily News, Tri-County Times and Tecumseh Herald, with the winner going to Greenville Daily News.

The MPA Public Service Award recognizes a distinguished example of meritorious public service by a newspaper or newspaper individual that has made a significant contribution to the betterment of their community. The three finalists are: Bridge Magazine for “Flint”, Grand Rapids Press for “The Mistakes Made. The Lives Affected”, and The Ann Arbor News for “Dioxane Plume under Ann Arbor”, with the award going to Grand Rapids Press.

The MPA Rookie Writer Award recognizes exemplary efforts of new writers just breaking into journalism. The three finalists are: Dillon Davis of the Battle Creek Enquirer, Matt Sheehan of the Times Herald and Michael MacDonald of the Gratiot County Herald, with the award going to Matt Sheehan.

The MPA Public Notice Journalism Award recognizes stories that exemplify the importance of public notice in newspapers. The two finalists are Lansing City Pulse for “School for the Blind Error” and Bridge Magazine for “Disaster Day by Day: A Flint Timeline” with the award going to Lansing City Pulse.

The 2017 MPA Better Newspaper Contest opens August 1, 2017

Exceptional Journalism Honored in 2016 College Better Newspaper Contest

Members of the Hoosier Press Association reviewed 625 entries submitted by 13 Michigan college newspapers this year and selected three college newspapers for creating great journalism.

The 2016 “College Newspaper of the Year”

This award is presented to the top college newspapers in three divisions based on points accumulated (100 for first, 70 for second and 40 for third) in all editorial contest categories (categories 1-12). Winners of those awards are:

College Newspapers of the Year

Circulation Class Total Points Newspaper
Division 1 1,550 Central Michigan University/CM Life
Division 2 1,290 Ferris State University/The Torch
Division 3 1,170 The Collegiate, Grand Rapids Community College
Division 1- Newspapers publishing more than weekly.
Division 2 - Newspapers publishing weekly.
Division 3 - Two-year college publications or newspapers publishing less than weekly.

"It is more important than ever to recognize and encourage good, impactful journalism. That is what our college newspapers are doing, and with support and recognition from contests and professionals in the field, that will continue. Our experienced faculty and advisors will see to it as well," said Joanne Williams, associate professor of journalism and mass communication at Olivet College and a past MCPA president.

The 2017 MPA/MCPA College Newspaper Contest opens August 1, 2017